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Local Ranking for Your Site

There are several components to getting your site ranked locally  (by ranked, I mean on the first page of a major search engine – think predominately Google since they provide 85% of the search traffic) – if you can’t get your site ranked on the first page for a “relevant” keyword- you’re not going to get much traffic. Low traffic means your leads are severely limited from the number one way to market.  I probably don’t have to tell you what severely limited leads means.

So, here are the steps:

1. Register your site at Google, Yahoo, and Bing Local.  This work is time consuming and tedious, especially if you haven’t done it multiple times, butdoable for most people with reasonable technical skills.  Be very careful to pick the correct categories for registration and enhance the sites with photos, videos, and descriptive and keyword relevant text.  You’ll need to make sure that these entries do not have conflicting information from search engine to search engine.

2. What keywords will bring customers to your site?  This question comes up again and again.  I shake my head when I hear of one of my competitors promising 1st page ranking for their customers – can they promise first page ranking for “Relative Keywords” for their customers?  I can probably get any site to rank number one if I pick the keyword phrase– “pink fuzzy mouse guts”. But will it help my client make a sale?  Chose wisely the keywords that you are trying to compete for – they should be both relative and for a keyword that you can beat another site to the front page for.

Some keywords are going to be nearly impossible to outrank other sites that have been in very competitive markets for a long time.  Once you know what keywords you are trying to rank for make sure your site structure (including title tags, “H” tags, and meta tags reflect those keywords.  This technique cannot be taught quickly.

3.  Become a leader in your niche by participating in the conversation using social media.  Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Squidoo, forums  and blogs have to resonate your story and link between these sites.  Think of this as a conversation that you are trying to lead.  Help someone and you will be helped.

We’re trying to do just that at WebConstant Media – lead the conversation in local search.  This allows us to serve our clients – we do what we do best (SEO/SEM) so that they can do their business.