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About Me

I’ve been working on the web since 1997 using all kinds of different technology frameworks.  I love the efficiency and marketing opportunities that the web brings.  In 2004 I began to realize that, with the plethora of new frameworks that were available for web development, the biggest hurdle to leveraging these frameworks was no longer a matter of technology.  Search engines and the intelligent use of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing provided.

I began helping several businesses and not for profits with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and found it very rewarding.  In 2009 I formed WebConstant Media, LLC to help small businesses get found and compete on the Internet.  I work with a group of web developers that develop according to my guidelines when necessary.  However, I find that, using current technologies, most small businesses can develop and maintain their own sites successfully.

Contact me, and I can show you some examples of businesses that I have helped get found and be successful on-line.